Supporting GACM

Although partially funded by our denominational partners, GACM receives most of its support from individuals, congregations, and grants.  Your donations help provide:

  • A full-time, ordained Protestant chaplain, right on campus with the students
  • A full and varied program of ministry, including Sunday worship, Wednesday evening “Dinner Dialogues,” Bible study, music ensembles, book discussions, social events, community service projects, and interfaith conversations and projects
  • A part-time organist for Sunday worship
  • Part-time administrative help
  • All of the necessary expenditures to support and spread the good news about the ministry, including food, mailings, photocopying, PCC t-shirts, freshmen outreach, and much more.

Please note that because of the COVID-19 situation, and until further notice, all donations need to be made online. You may do so using this link.

The Chapel is locked, we have been instructed not to come to campus, and thus have no way to receive or cash your checks.

Although the donation page is through the University portal, 100% of your gift will go to our ministry.

GACM funds the vast majority of this work through your donations to our endowment and our operating budget.  This ministry could not happen without the generous donations we receive from individuals and congregations, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.